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It's not working for MacOS, it just says that it can't download it :(

so original! i really loved it!!! i was so frustrating when my crush wouldn't get it, i'm like dummy there's only so many hearts i can send before you notice hahaha, but that was what made it charming. Good game!

This brings the experience of online dating to a whole new level :D

I don't know how to open it on Mac, it's not unzipping / unarchiving ..

Hi there, had the wrong executable uploaded, sorry about that! Try redownloading it now - hopefully this one works.

Yes!! It's working now, thank you :)

I'm glad that you chose to try something different and came up with such a lovely innovative way of storytelling! Instead of trying to just find the correct textual response of several choices, it's nice to think of a graphical way to say something. That really gave me some kind of freedom which I didn't expected! A wonderful game which I happily recommended in an article about it, including a little gameplay video. :)

Best wishes,

really fun!

i havent seen anything like this before